8 Coronavirus Inspired Street Art Murals

You often get a true sense for what is capturing the collective thoughts of society by observing street art in major cities. As coronavirus hits 14 million cases worldwide and 4 million in the US alone, more murals have been popping up that highlight what is on the mind of most people in the world...COVID-19

Game Changer by BANKSY 

BANKSY’s homage to the NHS and nurses everywhere called “Game Changer”. It hangs in Southampton Hospital, and will eventually be auctioned off for the NHS. 

Banksy Game Changer street art

Super Nurse by FAKE

Painted to celebrate all of the nurses and frontline healthcare workers that are the real heroes in this crisis. Amsterdam-based street artist FAKE has created a mural that shows a nurse wearing a face mask emblazoned with the Superman logo.

Super Nurse! street art mural

Coronavirus Sh*t Is Real by Colton Valentine 

The Cardi B mural has been updated in San Antonio to reflect the pandemic and has her in a face mask. It can be found on the corner of San Pedro Avenue and Cyprus Street. 

Colton Valentine's Cardi B mural


Stay Safe by Ponywave

The mural in Venice Beach, California captures love in the time of the coronavirus. It shows two people kissing while wearing face masks; one has her eyes open, almost like she’s waiting for her partner to acknowledge the situation. 


Ponywave street art


COVID-19 Busters by HIJACK

The two soldiers fighting off the virus suggests we are fighting a war against coronavirus. While we might not feel it safe at home, it’s undoubtedly happening on the front lines. These COVID Busters are armed with hand sanitizer, a vacuum cleaner, and lots of toilet paper. HIJACK taps into the fear COVID-19 has instilled in people.  

COVID 19 Busters


Lockdown by The Rebel Bear 

Glasgow's version of BANKSY has created a mural to commemorate the coronavirus outbreak. The piece is located on Bath Street on the walls of the old BHS store. 

The rebel bear lockdown street art


A Tutti Voi...Grazie by Unknown

A mural on the side of Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo near Milan, Italy.
It reads ‘To All Of You... Thank You!' It is d
edicated to all Italian medical workers and depicts a nurse cradling Italy.  


italian coronavirus street art nurse holding Italy


Keep Calm And Wash Your Hands by Keith Biele

Street artist Keith Biele created a mural inspired by the Royal Family and the motivational poster created by the U.K. government in 1939 in preparation for World War II. The classic “Keep Calm and Carry On” saying has been switched to reflect the coronavirus pandemic.

“I didn’t like the way the US President welcomed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the country by saying, ‘Hey, we’re not going to pay for your security' so I wanted to try to find a way to use this image and welcome them at the same time to make a comment and a little public service announcement to everybody.” 

Prince Harry street art keep calm and wash hands


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