Donate PPE to Charity Now
Guardia Medical has realized that we can't save American on our own. We need YOU

Join Guardia Medical and American Red Cross to help us donate PPE to people who have been hit by natural disasters and who are unable to access it. We have created PPE Packs with surgical face masks, face shields and gloves and you can choose the level you want. 

Guardia Medical has supplied millions of PPE (personal protective equipment) products to the medical / healthcare industry. We have:
  • provided life saving PPE to hospitals for nurses, doctors and frontline healthcare workers. 
  • helped schools protect their students and teachers,
  • allowed travelers to have a safe journey through airports and on planes. 
  • saved restaurants from going out of business by allowing owners to protect themselves and customers. 
  • reached underserved American communities that were ignored by the government and their state. 


To donate PPE to charity, please go to THIS LINK or click on the below product to choose your level of donation: 

  • Aug 26, 2020
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