Guardia Medical Affiliate Network Just Launched

Having had an overwhelming response from people through our social media channels, we decided to launch our affiliate network for partners in the US, Canada and Mexico.

This is how affiliate programs work: 

How affiliate programs work

Want to earn 5% commission for every sale? See below to learn how to register:  

Step 1

Go to this link:

Once you have registered, one of our team members will reach out to say hi. 

Step 2

Share the generated referral link to your LinkedIn network, post an article on your blog, and ask your social media followers to generate orders. 

Step 3

Watch as the commissions for orders placed through your referral links grow. Affiliate marketing is a win win for both marketers and merchants. 

This is how it looks once you have registered: 

David Lowe Guardia Medical affiliate network MLM multi-level marketing

We are very excited to hear from you and to make you succeed as we grow! 

  • May 18, 2020
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