Guardia Medical Solves PPE Crisis And Helps America Go Back To Work

Our first press release we sent out to the media: 

For Immediate Release

Date: Tuesday June 16th

  • The San Diego based company has supplied frontline healthcare workers with PPE (personal protective equipment). 
  • Worked with major airports to allow passengers, crew and workers to be protected against coronavirus (COVID-19). 
  • Provided protestors in the Black Lives Matter movement with masks to limit the spread of the virus. 

San Diego, California - Guardia Medical has just released its PPE Pack which combines its most popular products in one box. One of the PPE Packs contains 3-layer masks, sanitizer and disposable gloves. As millions of Americans get ready to go back to work and with no vaccine for coronavirus available, Guardia Medical is protecting 330 million Americans and in doing so, saving many lives. 

“We now know that you can be infected with COVID-19 before you have symptoms, and you may not get any symptoms at all. Wearing a mask reduces the amount of virus you might spread into the air and onto surfaces if you happen to be sick. This would help slow transmission.”  — Dr. Linsey Marr, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Since coronavirus arrived in the US, there have been dozens of PPE companies popping up. However, many are unreliable, sell masks that do not protect people and make them wait for months because they do not have their products in the US. Guardia Medical’s premium products are FDA and NIOSH certified and available now in the US.

“The chronic, global shortage of PPE is one of the most urgent threats to our collective ability to save lives.” - The World Health Organization (WHO)

Guardia Medical understands that many hospitals have limited to no access to PPE. There is a severe shortage of face masks and other necessary protective equipment.  When the COVID-19 crisis hit, the company utilized its experience and supply chain to provide the desperately needed PPE (face masks, disposable gloves, sanitizer, shoe and hair covers) supplies to hospitals, clinics and 330 million Americans around the country. 

Name of Press Contact: David Lowe
  • Jun 17, 2020
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