Is It Safe To Protest During A Pandemic?

The police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has been the catalyst for nationwide protests in the US. Racial demonstrations are vitally important to stop police brutality and the #BlackLivesMatter and #ICantBreathe hashtags are a reflection of state of society. 

Public health experts have predicted a large uptick in Covid-19 infections following these protests because many of the protesters are African Americans. Black people start out with health outcomes that are disproportionately poor when compared to white Americans. This population starts out disproportionately sicker, and if it gets exposed, it will have a higher death rate.


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The thoughts of three health professionals: 


“There is a huge concern that protests could be super spreader events."
- Kim Sue, physician 


"Go out in a smaller crowd, wear a face mask, bring hand sanitizer with you. Avoid shaking hands and giving high fives – try to physically distance. Limit your time out there. Obviously, if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, don’t go out. Engaging online in chat rooms and having virtual protests is certainly less risky than walking in the streets." 
- Georges Benjamin, physician

"If you wear a face mask, keep it on all the time. I’m seeing some protesters remove their masks to chant along, and that’s the moment that you need it the most because of potential Covid transmission through droplets."
- Lauren Powell, epidemiologist

What is clear is that if you are considering attending the protests, you must protect yourself and those around you. Coronavirus is the worst pandemic in our lifetime and we cannot take it lightly or many more will die. 

Always Wear Protection

Guardia Medical's PPE (personal protective equipment) is FDA approved and saves lives. Crucially, we have it available now in the US. 



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