Japanese Experiment Shows How Easily Coronavirus Can Spread

A new video has emerged from Japan which has made the Guardia Medical team never want to go to a Las Vegas all-you-can-eat-buffet again! 

The research experiment suggests that the COVID-19 infection could be spread by simply talking with another person. 

Using laser lighting and high-definition cameras, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK conducted an experiment with a group of researchers to capture the movement of micro-droplets. Those are particles that are less than 100th of a millimetre in size.

The shocking revelation: these micro-droplets are emitted every time we speak – and the louder we talk, the more they are emitted.

The study underlines the social distancing message from the World Health Organization, which advises people to keep at least 1 metre apart at all times. In addition, the WHO reinforces the need to keep rooms well-ventilated. 

If this video doesn't make you want to get a face mask, nothing will! 

Coronavirus Is Airborne

Previous studies focused on sneezes and coughs, which emit larger 1 millimetre droplets that can be seen using a normal camera. 

The Japanese research found that droplets from a sneeze fall quickly to the ground and do not travel very far, even in still air. Their cameras also picked up micro-droplets, less than 100th of a millimetre across.


  • May 21, 2020
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