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Product Code: KN95-504

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  • Flat fold design for easy storage.

  • Over 95% filtering efficiency (Executive Standard: GB/T 32610-2016).

  • Ear-loop design for faster donning and removal and fabric headband without staples that are comfortable to wear in hot and humid conditions.

  • Equivalent to N95 certification model. Please visit here for more information on KN95 vs N95.

The KN95 respirator mask is used to prevent the user from inhaling small airborne particles in aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs) - procedures that stimulate coughing and promote the generation of aerosols. It must fit tightly to the user’s face. It is recommend that this mask be worn with eye protection and ideally a face shield. There are three categories: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. FFP3 provides the highest level of protection. These KN95 masks are FDA approved and not on the CDC list.